Grades & Assignments

Course Projects


I reserve the right to lower course grades dependent on unprofessional behavior to include but not be limited to class attendance, disrespectful behavior towards others, or turning in late work.

Graduate course work is a job, albeit one with terrible pay. As such you are expected to behave in a professional manner during both our class time and online interactions. Professionalism should be understood as not only showing up on time and being prepared and ready to work but also having an awareness of the implications of unprofessional behaviors i.e. bad grades. Each of us should feel free to express our thoughts and opinions openly, without fear of penalty, as long as we do so in a courteous way. Although we may not always agree with one another and may challenge each other to think about the course’s materials in new ways, I expect you to treat every person in this class as a valuable and respected member. Refrain from speaking, whispering, sleeping, playing on the computer, checking your cell phone, or engaging in other disrespectful behavior while someone else has the floor. When you enter the classroom, you should be engaged with the class.

Weekly responses 100 points DUE WEEKLY

Before 5:00 pm on Wednesdays, each participant will post an informal response to the class discussion list for the course, using that week’s readings (and/or synthesizing these with previous weeks’ readings) to respond to one or more of the questions. Or– a writer might respond to someone else’s responses, explore other questions she finds compelling, make connections to other areas of inquiry with which she is familiar . . . and so on. These responses should be roughly 250-500 words and be cast as constructive, crucial commentary. Further–at least five times over the course of the semester, each participant should respond briefly to one or more of the other writers’ posts during the period between Wednesday night and our class meeting. (It perhaps goes without saying that participants should commit to carefully reading other responses before class meets on Wednesday. I’ll say it anyway.) Each participant may “take off” composing a response the weeks in which she is preparing a critique for class discussions, as well as one additional week for whatever reason (conference, melt down, exhaustion). She should, however, still read others’ responses during that week.

Leadership of class discussion for one file article 100 points

As a way to initiate discussion for each class meeting, each of you will help the class understand a reading relevant to class activity. You will be responsible for preparing a display that depicts the study’s design, a class handout with a complete reference, research questions/goals, methods used, findings, and strengths and weaknesses.

Leadership of class discussion for recommended text on research 100 points

This class has many recommended texts on research; one pair of students will help the class understand one of these recommended texts by reading it together and presenting the relevant work to the class. The group will be responsible for preparing a display that depicts the study’s design, a class handout with a complete reference, research questions/goals, methods used, findings, strengths and weaknesses and what sort of research the text would be useful for tackling.

Complete Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative Training 100 points DUE WEEK 10

Researchers don’t get to just deploy methodologies without thinking of the ethical implications. To due any sort of empirical research in the US, you must familiarize yourself with Ethical Principles on which the U. S. system of human subjects protection is based. You will complete IRB Online Training Program Information / CITI Instructions and Access.

Peer review draft discussion 100 points DUE WEEK 13 -15

You will partner up with a fellow student for your final proposal where one person will lead the class in talking about another student’s work. You will be allowed roughly a half hour for each project and be responsible for a very close and careful reading/response to one fellow student. I want to stress that the review/response needs to be constructive and based on what we read in class (i.e., use the appropriate methodological criteria, and don’t nitpick the editing-level stuff). I’m going to try a new tool for this that may blow up in all our faces. We’ll see.

Research design project proposal 500 points DUE WEEK 15+

You will plan a research project through the development of a research proposal. The proposal will be comprised of a problem statement, a literature review, and the design of the proposed study. Such a project may serve as an early version of a dissertation proposal or grant application.